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Becca Yahrling

LOVE those adorable pumpkins! And the washi looks versatile enough to use any time of the year. Cute cards!
I have been entering more challenges so that I can try different techniques. I have a very large stash of cards! lol I still tend to make more birthday cards than anything else.

Heather M

I love making cards but I will sadly admit that I make very few these days. Why? I think social media is taking up a lot more of my time these days plus it's easy to connect with friends both near and far with social media. I will still be making Halloween treats and my holiday cards this year so I'm eager to see more of what's in store from A Muse for the holidays. =)

Denise Bryant

Love the pumpkins! Great cards! And the washi tapes have some fun designs and made a great background on the tag!
I am making more cards. I joined in on a couple of swaps, so I am really enjoying the exchange of cards and ATCs from all over the world!

Betsy Hutchins

I love the washi tape and the boo die! I usually keep my cards very simple with stamping so I want to learn to add other elements like these.

Gilda (McStamper)

I am actually using stamps more and enjoying the coloring. I don't make lots of cards. Birthdays and I belong to several groups that do one card a month. I love these peeks and the great cards.

Mary Key

Love all that are pumpkins!!!! Love the cards and the colors chosen, just gorgeous!

Mary Myers

Super cute z
September sneak peeks! 😊 Love the pumpkins and the cards that showcase them!! :)
In the last year, I have unfortunately not made as many cards. It seems that when I need one, I have to hurry up and throw one together :( I hope to remedy that this year, and create more in my craft room! :-)


This year I'm enjoying simpler cards and using my ink pads to add color rather than my markers or pencils. These new pumpkins are just perfect for that!

P.S. Sure miss popping into the store in Seattle!

Arianna Barbara

Adorable release! Love so much this time of the year!
I started making cards only two years ago and I'm still learning new techniques. I don't make lots of cards because I spend a lot of time to make just only one. I love making Birthday/Anniversary and Xmas/Easter cards.

Sue LD

Cute pumpkin set. I am making more cards as some members of our church stamping group can no longer come.I still like to experiment with all kinds of cards and techniques but when there is not time I stick with a basic card design.


I've made less cards, but bought more stuff & hope to get back to it

Holly Havnaer

What cute pumpkins! I love the sentiments too!
I'm making the same amount of cards this year, but haven't had time to try out new techniques. I have a list of new techniques that I want to try out (mostly with watercolor) and hope to try them this week.


Probably making the same amount of cards. Just love learning new techniques. Still in a watercolor moment.

Annalisa McB.

Love the pumpkins! I love that they are so versatile and will be great for generic fall cards. Yay! I have also trying more challenges these past few months as a way to keep motivated and making cards. I've learned a long and feel my stamping has brancched out.

Mary Sara P.

Love making cards but I haven't been making as many this past year. The pumpkins are adorable.

Ellie Matrow

What a great set! I love the different pumpkin shapes - so many options as I do not limit my use of stamps and dies to cards, I use them on banners and in my scrapbook page layouts. My card making is starting to gear up for the holidays experimenting with a few different designs.

Mary Holshouser

I've been getting into smooshing and
some of the other techniques for
backgrounds. I was a stamper who
used paper for backgrounds. Now
I'm getting prettier and more
involved backgrounds.
Love Melissa's card. they're
all great.
thanks for sharing.

Janice D.

I love stamping and learning new stamping techniques. I find that I am actually making MORE cards now because I'm watching card-making videos (which I dearly wish you would do! pretty please?)
I love this set. The pumpkins are so versatile and I can't wait to see more of the sentiments.

Jean marmo

Such fun stamps. Loving the pumpkins for fall. Love new techniques. Some of mine are to use watercolors for background so.

Nance in Reno

I am doing lots of assembly line birthday, get well,and sympathy cards now.


Great cards all! My own card making has become more involved-I've been trying to include more elements and techniques lately.

Carla Hundley

Fabulous cards! I got
a MISTI tool and now
I have great stamping
details on every card
or tag I make. Been
stamping more than
Carla from Utah


One of the big changes in my cardmaking is decorating the insides of all my cards vs. leaving them blank. I've also branched out and tried some mixed media stuff in the past 6 months.

Marjorie Dumontier

This is actually my very first year of card making so....

Stefanie White

I am a new card maker, my craft-iversary is in February! So I feel like I am learning my style, and I have huge bursts of enthusiasm and creativity around my purchases. I imagine as my stamp collection gets larger and I find my style, I will settle down and be more consistent.

Kathy Falk

This year I am making cards that I color myself. Previously I chose stamps that were solid, stamped in color rather than colored in no matter what medium was used. My skills are expanding. I am more daring in what I choose to do.


I am loving Melissa's black and white pumpkin card! Lately, I've been making more simple cards on white backgrounds with a pop of color here and there instead of more "complicated" cards like in past years. I guess that's why I love Melissa's card so much! Thanks for the chance to win!

Aimee Smith

Love these pumpkin cards! I have made more cards this year than usual but not as many as I should given the amount of stamps I buy! :)

Debbie Morris

I am just starting out on my card making journey, but I have enjoyed seeing new techniques that I can't wait to try. Hopefully this time next year I will have made lots and lots of cards!

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