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Love the cards and the stamp set. Gena Lemmink would love it too!


My crafty friend is Joan!!

Janice D.

My crafty friend is Emma Och!!

Heather M.

Fun! My crafty friend is Frances Miller,

Heather M.

My other crafty friend is Susan French.

Heather M.

OH and one more crafty friend, Elizabeth Haines.

Janice D.

My other crafty friend is Liz Watson.


Great sentiments!! I have a crafty friend from our previous home... Renee Hunt...


and a crafty friend here- Aimee Smith.

Denise Bryant

My crafty friend is Laura Ryan.

Mary Myers

My dearest crafty friend is Kathy 😊
I love the set in those sentiments are awesome!

Arianna Barbara

How fun! Beautiful sentiments!!!
My crafty friend is Ale Rubino.

Jenny Vance

Love today's sneak peek. Those sentiments look fantastic! My crafty friend is Liz Winkle.

Sue LD

My crafty friend is Sharon--unfortunately she lives in a nursing home now so won't be able to comment.


Can I comment for Sue LD? I'm sure Sharon would comment if she could and hopefully can still use these along with Sue.

Mary Holshouser

One of my craftiest friends is my daughter,
Kathy. She's still working so she doesn't
get to do as much as she would like.
She's also not on the computer, except at
work, so she won't be posting my name.
thanks for the chance to win the set.

Mary Holshouser

Another crafty friend is Julie MacBush.
She is into all kinds of crafts: machine
embroidery, hot pressing decals, painting,
you name it and she can do it.
thanks for the offer of the prize.

Ale Rubino

My crafty friend is Arianna Barbara.

Carla Hundley

Love the kick
as card! Crafty
friend is Denise
Carla from Utah

Nance in Reno

My crafty friend is Pat B.

Virginia D.

My craftiest friend is Christina Reyna!

Aimee Smith

My crafty friend is Jen Gerwig-Dively.

Aimee Smith

My other crafty friend is Tara Mayol.

Aimee Smith

My other crafty friend is Cindy Franke :) I LOVE these sentiments!

Tara Mayol

My crafty friend is Aimee Smith.

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