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I'm most excited about the packs of sequins, the spooky trio die set and the creep it real stamp set. I can't wait to get them all!! What a fun set. And the sequin colors got me all googly eyed! <3

kel h.

the spooky landscape die is awesome but really anything halloween related is my favorite!


I LOVE the headless horseman- very unique! And of course, the creepy coffin would be great for gifting. I'm looking forward to seeing these in person!


Creep it real is my favorite from the August collection. I also love all the spooky sequin mixes!!

Doreen Schostek

My favorite are those witchy legs...... Stiriped tights....... Come on!!!!

Sarah Zseleczky

I love Treat Expuurt! So cute! Also excited about a couple new colors.

Sarah Zseleczky

I also love I'm Here For the Boos! :)

Chris wokaty

Gotta love the witchy legs, they'd make pretty cute elf legs too.

Susan Johansson

I love the new Creep It Real set. Tjank you for the sneak peaks!


I'm most excited about Treat Expurrrt, but I'm patial to it because I have a black cat. =^_^=

Jean Denney

I'm in love wth the spooky landscape dies.


Can't wait to put that black cat everywhere! He is so cool!

Denise Bryant

Can't wait for the Spooky Landscape Die Set! Looks like a lot of fun creative opportunities with the set!

Sarah Zseleczky

I have a black cat too! Treat Expurrt!

Nance in Reno

Not a big Halloween fan (I mentioned to my husband, who loves trick-or-treat, we tell our daughter not to take candy from strangers and then what does Halloween do? It encourages kids to take candy from strangers or do naughty things for those who do not participate). That said, I like the sequin mixes (and I have to admit that the coffin dies are fun!!!!)


More Sequins!!!!! But I really love the Spooky landscape dies!


What a great giveaway! So excited for Fall weather and Halloween!!


I love the witch legs!!

Sarah Zseleczky

I'm excited about Halloween cards too!

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