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Renee Womack

I've been stamping for over 20 years now. I started by making cards, but discovered I love making treats for all the different holidays even more :)


I'm an equal opportunity paper crafter. Started with scrapbooking 20 years ago and was introduced to stamping/card making 13 years ago.


I've been stamping for almost 20 years and love making cards and little treats for friends and family. I have used stamping with my scrapbooking but just love the card making so much!

Kim Cassi

I love to do both - I make all my cards and scrapbook for my kids activities. Been doing this for at least 15 yrs.

Kathy K

I've been stamping for almost 20 years now...mostly a card maker, but I have been known to do some scrapbooking also in the past.

Kristi poling

Mostly a card maker with stamps, haven't found a great way to incorporate on my pages. Been stamping since I was about 12 or 13, I'm 37 now!!!

Nita K.

I'm an equal opportunity crafter. I've been scrapbooking for about 15 years and making cards for about 10.

Heather Warner-Ferguson

I have been stamping now for about 4 years, started with art Journaling to reduce stress and now am mainly a card maker. Loving this release, very calming


I have been stamping for about 10-12 years or more, but scrapbooking for at least 20 years!! I sure do enjoy creating cards!!!!

Michelle Naughton

I started cardmaking over 20 years ago, moved to scrapbooking when the grandkids were born and now have gone back to cardmaking. Love them both!

T J Appodaca

Love making cards with my A Muse Studio products. Fun making cards for everyone. My A Muse Studio cardmaking class is a learning experience I enjoy every month.

Amy Cooley

I'm a card maker and have been for around 15 years!

Carla  Hundley

I've been a crafter
forever! I mostly
make cards, but
also scrapbook and
do paper crafts.
Carla from Utah

Denise Bryant

Awesome cards! Love the peeks!
I am a cardmaker. Started stamping about 29 years ago when my daughter was in preschool! I thought it would be fun to make her birthday party invitations, cute bookmarks for little gifts for her friends, etc.

Nance in Reno

Stamper for twenty-plus years and crafter for 50+ years!

Barbra L.

I'm a definite card maker. Been stamping since going to a Stampin Up class in 1995! Love the new items!

Sarah Pineda-Scott

I'm defiantly a card maker! I have been stamping for 16 years, wow can't beilve that it has been that long! Came across it by accident while working at a hotel and someone was having a stamp camp and have been hooked ever since!

Love you stamps and what a great priz!


Chris F

Stamping has been a part of my life for at least 15 years. Mainly a card maker BUT I keep saying I need to make some decent albums for my kids (almost 18 & 20 ... it's about time, right?). Love that treat bag and tag!

Andrea Shell

I've been stamping for 11 years. I definitely believe in equal opportunity!

Kerry Bayne

Card making for sure! ...it all started in about 3rd grade when I got some stamps/pads/cards for my birthday, and I used to tote them with me to restaurants with my family and just busily work away!
So, I was about 8 or 9, which means that my stamping is now going on about 30 years! (and I still have a couple of those original stamps!) :)

Karen Freiberg

...I've been stamping and scrapping for what seems eons but is probably more like 25 years and am an equal opportunity paper creator....what a generous give away...would love to win....

Teresa Gehrke

I've been cardmaking for 10 years. Been a great way to fill my spare time.

TJ Appodaca

I do cardmaking for all types of occasions for family and friends including birthdays, anniversaries, and sympathy. This has been my hobby for the last 10 years.


I have always loved arts and crafts. I started with scrapbooking in the early 1990s, but soon shifted to card making which I do now. I watercolored painted for a long time but I like making cards because you can finish one and give it to someone. With painting the pictures are large and often I didn't finish one; so card making works for me now


a good spa day is what I need. Or perhaps a stamp set will do! :)

joyce willy

I've been creating cards for about 12 years -- enjoy working smaller. I think I should start scrapbooking with five grandchildren.

Chris W.

I've been stamping for many years. I also used to scrapbook a lot but now I only make cards.

Shari B.

I've been stamping for about 15 years. I love making cards for family and friends.

Bev LoPinto

I have been stamping for about 20 years! Hard to believe. I am mostly a card maker.

Jessica kerr

I've been stamping for more than 10 years, and while I dabble in mini albums from time to time, I mostly create cards. The A Muse stamps are a fantastic proportion for those snd so cute! Love the little stack of zen stones!

Donna Garafalo

I have been stamping for over ten years. I mostly make cards. It is the first creative thing I feel comfortable doing! Even my son things I make great cards, trust me, he does not give out compliments freely. What a great idea - a spa set. I have not seen anything like it before. I am anxious to play with it.

Casey Thrush

I have been stamping for about 18 years now and I Love It!!!!! I am an equal opportunity crafter but currently I have been dedicated to card making because one friend commissioned me to make her a box of various cards so she could give them as a gift and then my BFF just bought a flower shop so I am making her some cards so that she can sell them in her shop! I am gifting them to her...hoping the cards will help her get started!!

Brenda Lilley

I discovered A Muse about 15 minutes ago while prowling Pinterest for card ideas. Sad to say that here in Texas I have never heard of you. However, I won't be a stranger any longer! I've been an avid scrapbooker for 15+ years, but am a newbie to stamping. I decided to try it to bring something new to my pages. Now I am hooked! Of course, making cards was the next logical step. Now I'm headed back to your store to start my list of must-haves! I feel like a kid in a candy store! :-)

Jackie Julian

I started scrapbooking in 2001and have loved it ever since. But, I was introduced to stamping and card making two years later and love it even more! Time to craft is the difference. I love Amuse Studio! And these monthly collections are fabulous! Fresh new fun products every month!

Jan Gerth

I received my first stamp set (circus animals, clown, ringmaster) when I was just 5 or 6 years old, so that was 55 years ago! But I started serious stamping about 26 years ago. I do a bit of scrapbooking, but mostly make cards, making over 300 a year.I LOVE A Muse Studio products!

Jen Ward

I have been crafting for around 20 years. Mostly card making. I love it!!

Vicki Durham

I have been making cards for about 7 years. I have scrapped one album. I have recently been introduced to amuse studio products from the stamp scrap tour. I love what I have bought so far. Thanks for opportunity to win

Andrea Shell

I LOVE your first card! The colors are absolutely gorgeous!

lynne moore

I started stamping for cards years ago... maybe even before my oldest was born. Can't quite remember anymore. LOL. So over 20 years. Evolved to scrapbooking and recently devoted more time to come back to stamping for all sorts of creative things.


I like both though I haven't scrapped much in the past year and change. I really need to get back to it since the photos haven't stopped piling up. I started stamping about 13yrs ago. Cute cards btw- I really like simplicity of the rock stack.

Doreen Schostek

Gosh, I've been stamping for almost 20 years now! I'm mostly a card maker, but treats and gift wrapping often use some stamping elements!


I've been stamping for a couple of years, but definitely still feel like a beginner! I'm excited to see more collections and try them out!

Vinita Jain

I have been started stamping last 2 years back. I am mostly a card maker but made scrapbook on orders too! Love Amuse Studio stamps and your creativity!

Kimberly Brown

I've been playing around with stamps for about 15 years and I love them! I am strictly a card maker, and my daughter is following right along in my footsteps!! I am just learning about Amuse Studio, and think I will love it all!


I have been stamping for 19 years now. Since the age of 15. I love both card making and scrapbooking. My friends and family love receiving my cards. So that's mostly where I spend my time.

Mickey Teply

Been stamping for 15 years, enjoy it, it's relaxing and fun to make new things


I'm a lifelong crafter with a focus especially on paper crafts for the last 15 years. Mostly cardmaking with some scrapbooking as well as home decor and memory projects!!


Oh my....showing my age...lol!!! I've been stamping for about 21 years now. I enjoy making cards and have found that it soothes my soul! Thanks so much for your great stamping products!!! xx

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