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Chris F

More great cards with another great set!!

Christine V

I don't make a lot, unfortunately :( Most likely an average of only 1 a month.

Thank you for the chance!


I love these cards. They really do make me smile. I make more birthday cards than all other types together...probably about 15 a month.


With a huge family and many friends, I'd say I make and send about 100+ birthday cards!! This set would be great for all my farming friends!!

Gena Lemminj

Love the cards, so cute!! I make so many cards I'd have to say at least 100 or more between family, friends, and fundraisers, at least that many.

Chris W.

I would love to win. I make probably close to a hundred birthday cards a year but I'm terrible about getting them mailed. I do give quite a few away though.


I make one to two birthday cards a month for my family and friends. Thank you for the chance to win!

TJ Appodaca

It varies from month to month but I make at least 50 birthday cards and anniversary cards. I also make sympathy cards, get well cards, and anything else that comes up that needs a card. Winning this set would be great!

Teresa Gehrke

Maybe I will have the luck of the Irish with me and Win...

Nance in Reno

I really like puns and what is even better is when stamp sets have puns that work with the images!

Nance in Reno

Amy Cooley

I don't know the exact count, but I send quite a few birthday cards each year. I'm in charge of handing out cards to the entire staff of my son's elementary school. It's fun to be able to do this and use my talents!

Mary Myers

I have six kids and eight grandchildren, and try to make cards for them (and their spouses)--I don't always succeed, but I do make the majority of them๐Ÿ˜Š I try and make them for my siblings and friends as well...
Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Kerry B.

I only send about 8-10, but would like to send MANY more!!! :)

joyce willy

Such a cute smile --how could the recipient not smile? I estimate that I create about 45 birthday cards a year (big family).


What an adorable set! I am not making as many as I wish to, that's for sure! Ha! Hoping to be able to make more this year!

Jan Gerth

I make over 300 cards a year to send to family, friends, and every adult in our church. (constantly amazes me when even men will come up and thank me for the card, saying that it's the only card they received!)
I'd love to win that set.

Debbie K

I make at least 20 birthday cards each year. Love this set!


The animal stamps are so :-) I Love Birthday Cards....
I think every year I send out about 20 Birthday Cards to my Friends but I Create a mit more...

Cindy s.

I make a lot of birthday cards each year! Probably 200 or more. I give a lot to my local senior center so the seniors have cards to give their friends. Thanks for making such fun stamps! I love A Muse Studio!!!

Janelle C.

I make about a dozen birthday cards each month for friends and family. Love this stamp set! So fun!

Susan N.

The cow cracks me up! Fun set and I love that it can be used for both m and f cards! Perfect!

Ginger B.

What a great stamp set. Especially love when there is a matching die set available. I make about 10 cards each month. Stamping is my therapy!


SOOOOO cute! Love this set! Would love to win it!!

Sierra R

Happy 5th! Depending on how many birthdays are in a month for me, I would say around 8 or 10 birthday cards a year. It's a small town!

Doreen Schostek

Such a fun and versatile stamp set...... Just makes you smile! Happy 5th year of wonderful !!

Doreen Schostek

Oops......forgot to add.......probably make and send about 50-60 birthday cards per year!

Janice D.

Such great cards! Love them all and am excited about this set. I make 10-15 birthday cards each month and I would love to have this set. Pick me! =)

Penny O.

I make more birthday cards than any other kind of cards. I have a big family so it seems that I am always busy making a birthday card for someone. This is a fun set. Thank you for the chance to win it.

Anne Sherf

I love to make birthday cards. Handmade cards are so much more special. I make about 100 cards each year. Mostly for family.

Kate Dykstra

Eek!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these cute stamps!!

I make and give about 30 birthday cards per year (and heaps more cards for Christmas, Easter and all other occasions). I would love to use these stamps and dies for my next cards!


I love to make cards, however, I make a ton more than I send! I do give stacks of cards as gifts though! I probably make around 150/year.

Lisa C.

Card making is my favorite hobby... and I've tried them all! LOL I make over 150 birthday cards a year. I also like to give them as gifts.

Nancy H.

What a fun stamp set! Can't wait for March 1st to see the rest of this set. I make about 10 birthday cards each month.

Heather C.

I LOVE this stamp set so much! Pick me! Pick me!

I make a TON of birthday cards every year... too many to count. I get together with friends once a month and we mostly make birthday cards, and drink wine. Best day of my month.


Hi Linda, I send a slue for birthday cards every year - all over the world, BVI's, Italy, Phillipines, Austalia, Canada, Mexico, England & Ireland, never mind almost every state in the US. I send at least 12 a month out. Sometimes I make blank ones to send to the troops for them to use to send greetings to their loved ones. Great contest idea! Donna


Love your color combinations!

Lexi C.

Such fun cards. Love this set. I send a bunch of birthday cards and I try to make most of them. Sometimes I run out of time or don't have the right stamps for the birthday girl/boy so I buy something. My goal this year is to do this only if absolutely necessary. This stamp set would be great to help me with this goal. Thanks for the chance to win.

Abby Jennings

Love this! I make about a dozen birthday cards each month and I try to SEND them all. Doesn't always go as planned.


This set looks adorable! I typically make about 15-20 birthday cards a year.

Jean Denney

I make about 10-15 birthday cards a year. This would be a great addition to my stamp collection.

Michelle A

I love the little animals. Too cute!


Love the new release!

Denise Bryant

These are adorable! Love them all!
I make about 6 birthday cards a year! Always in my plan to do more, but I sometimes get sidetracked!

Shari B.

Such a cute stamp set! We dairy farm for a living so that cow is going to be used quite a bit !!! I make 6-8 birthday cards a month.

Carla  Hundley

I make up around
25 cards a year.
This stamp set
looks so fun!
Carla from Utah

Kristi poling

These are so cute. Love the little animals.

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