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Thanks for sharing your story about your Mum. What a sweet lady!


I remember your Mum well from my visits to the Seattle store. I know a little of what you have been going through as my mom also had Alzheimer's. I think of you every time I make a card using AMuse products.


It is a hard disease to watch a loved on progress through. Hugs to you and your family!


Hugs to you and your family. I know how much you love your mom and am glad you found a good place for her to be protected as this terrible disease attacks her mind. Thinking of you.


Thanks for sharing about your mum Linda, I lost my mother on Sunday, and after having spent almost every day with her over the past three months, I felt such a deep sadness as the woman I loved and admired slipped away from me....I would imagine that you must feel this too, even though your mum is still with you, the mother who mothered you and did so many lovely things for your family is slipping away...hugs for you and your family......

Denise Bryant

I haven't visited here for awhile and am saddened to hear your news. I am facing the same things with my Mom also. She is still at home by herself, but we can see that will not last too much longer. She has a caregiver who comes twice a day for 2 hours each time, but we will have to increase that as her needs increase. I know my Mom would have a very difficult transition to a facility, so we are hoping we are doing the best thing by having her stay at home as long as possible. None of her children live very close by either, making it even more of a challenge. The two closest in location are still over an hour away, and I am about a 7 1/2 hour drive away, with my other sister at a 5 1/2 hour drive from her.

Louise Sharp

Thanks for sharing your story. Sending you love and hugs Linda, she sounds like a top lady and sure you love what you do even more because it's something you and your mum have shared together. xo


I'm so sorry to hear this. My grandma had a similar story. It was so so hard, as you described so well, to see her not be able to do or remember things that had made her *her*. Thinking about you.

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