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J Reece

Cute pup!! I love the sentiments and the mason jars! I forwarded you web address to my super artsy friends Sarah K and Suzette B. thanks for the chance to win. I found you through the coffee lovers blog hop!


Thanks for getting the party started, J Reece! Much appreciated and so glad you found us!!

Amy C.

I'm a big lover of mason jars! This is a cute set! I shared on FB with my friend Sherri and Leslie. Thanks!


Love the sunshine in a jar so will Peggy and Sue

Chris F

I have the set and need to seriously get playing with it after this dose of inspiration. Love the samples and can't wait to see yours Linda! That is a cutie too - I agree it would be hard to stay mad. :)


Great ideas! Shared with my crafty friends Kelly and Sue!

Gena Lemmink

Cute set would be great to win. Thanks for giving us the chance. LOVE Amuse!!! I shared with my friend Janet and Pam.


Sunshine in a jar is a wonderful idea, especially in this cold! Gigi and Angel will love these sets!

Christine V

thanks for sharing your beautiful cards! love the stamp set and die! Tes and Mia would love them too, for sure!

Denise Bryant

Love these fun cards, and who can resist such a cute pup? Sweet!
My two friends are Laura and Jennifer!


Just love the mason jar stamp! Need it for my collection!

Mary Sara P.

Mason jar set - how adorable. Lots of options. Thank you for the inspiration and give away. Going to share with Jen and Sharon.

Vinita Jain

Awesome creations! Love the sunshine in a jar, a beautiful stamp set with lot of options, need it for my collection! Thanks for the chance to win! Going to share with Monica Reeck and Halak Shah.


Love, love, love the mason jar set and dies!
I know Karen and Gena will too!

Miriam Prantner

I have a lot of friends who follow you already (76!) so I instead of trying to figure out which crafty friends did/didn't I figured I'd just share on FB and hit them all :)


Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing stamp set! I'm going to share this with my crafty friends Nancy A. and Susan D.

Janet Calardo

Thanks Gena Lemmink ans Laura Roell for sharing this great offer with me. I am going to share it with my sil Robyn C and niece Shannyn P.


I love love love the new Mason Jars and matching dies!!! These are so FUN .... I know Kim and Erica are going to love these!!!

Shari B.

What a great stamp/die set. Lots of fun ideas coming to mind! I am sharing with Susan and Karen.

Nance in Reno

Seriously, a dog ate your homework???!! ;-)

Pat, Anna, and Pam are my craftiest friends.

Nance in Reno


Love it! Marlynn L. and Korie B.

K Hutchinson

I just love these! WOW, so cute! I know Chelsea and Melinda would love these as well!


Shared with Shirley & Bree!!

Lois Hammel

Sharing this with Riann and Sara...love the mason jars and the dog is cute too!lol

Shirley Flowers

Shared with April & Steph, the mason jars are so cute.


This set is so cute! Shared with Sally & Jennifer!

Michelle Lum Ho

That is one seriously adorable pup!!! I totally buy in that the dog ate your homework...er, samples :) Love the cards, sunshine yellow makes me happy. Shared with P & R


adorable cards!!! I am sharing with Anne and Diane!!!!

sorry your pup ate your "homework!!!" LOL


Who doesn't love mason jars?! I know that Patty & Nancy do.


Love the sunshine in a jar! If only we could. Sharing with Rosalie and Lorraine.

Amy Richey

Love everything about the mason jar stamp set. So will Jennifer and Leota

Norma Jean Rahn

I love the peeks. I have shared with April R. AND Sarah F. and shared your link on twitter and my Facebook page. Good ideas and I am looking forward to making some of your cards.


Loving the jars! Shared with Tara, Heather and Mary!


Can't wait to share with Linda and Mary Jo. I just know they'll love the new mason jars.


Sharing with Elaine and Julia! I'm loving those mason jars!!!

Debbie Kruse

I will definitely share with kari and ashley!

Dara Malone

Worse yet, my dog has gotten hold of a couple of my wood block stamps! wooden black with thick rubber stamp and pad = chew toy in her eyes! Love the mason jars with a straw! I've shared this with Toni and Cherri!

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