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Craft all afternoon and watch the game at night. Did I mention "eat". Lol

Amy C.

I'll be watching the game...well, mainly the commercials! This is a fabulous new die! I just love berry baskets. Thanks for the great giveaway!

jenn morrill

Love the berry basket. On super bowl Sunday a bit of both! I think finishing some cards while watching the game in the background.

Karen C

I will definitely be watching the game but hope to get some crafting in before that!


I just love the berry basket! I think it's perfect! I will be watching the Super Bowl, but will be making a birthday card for my daughter's little friend who has a birthday!


I think I will craft while watching the Super Bowl ... I have a few projects that I need to work on :)

Laura Jean

I will do some crafting and watch the game!

Gena Lemmink

I'll be watching too busy that day to be crafting.

Doreen Schostek

Most likely both.......it's supposed to be quite snowy in Ohio Sunday, so I'll be staying put!

Kathy Harlow

Probably both!

Barbara Crooks

Crafting and watching the Super Bowl-but only the commercials!

Cathie Relf

I will be working on my knitting project while watching/listening to the game. Love your new berry basket die and can't wait for it to be available!

Michel E

I may watch for the commercials and hopefully do some crafting.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

Claudia McClamb

Wait, what? We can't do both? The game will be on and I will be watching it from my craft table. Now, if MY team ever makes it back to "The Show," it will be a different story!

Denise Bryant

LOVE the berry box! So cute in your fun polka dot papers!
I have to work on Sunday but I am off at 3. I'll come home and watch part of the game... mostly the commercials!

Carla  Hundley

Really cute little
box! I'll be watching
the Superbowl and doing
some crafting at the
same time! Go Patriots!
Carla from Utah

Laura Nesvacil

I WANT THIS BASKET....BAD!!! This is the cutest die EVER! I'm watching the game on Sunday. Obviously not for the game because my team (the Packers) aren't playing. Gotta catch those commercials, you know! Thanks for the giveaway and keep up the amazing work!

Lynne Moore

Acro-Yoga is first and then we will watch the end of the game. Watching mostly for the commercials. And I am sure my hands will find some sort of crafty thing going on too.

Nance in Reno

Neither; church and then taking my mom to the Veterans' cemetery to put flowers on my dad's grave.

Shari B.

Crafting early, watching the game late.

Holly Havnaer

I'll be cheering on my Hawks with other proud Seattleites at a fun sports bar in Seattle. GO HAWKS!!

Eva Montes

Only watching half time and the rest of the time crafting!!

Debbie Kruse

Watching the game. Go hawks!!


Might watch some of the game.

Paula Carden

Love the berry box!

Kathy scire

Adorable. Will be crafting instead of football.


Crafting, watching football & the commercials in a snow storm (possibly). :)

Chris F

It's been a tradition to watch it over a snack supper and so I was crushed this year when 16 year old son said he was watching it with friends...sigh. I might have to drown my sorrow in my crafts. Maybe I can send some Berry Box treats along with him - love this die, BTW!

Anne L

We're going out to dinner! Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to go to a "nice" restaurant (a.k.a. not a sports bar). When we get home, we'll turn on the game to keep an eye on what's happening and I'll go in and out of my studio to craft while my husband keeps me up to date on the game and the commercials.

Susan R

Love the berry box die! Will watch the game because my daughter is living in Seattle and I live in New England. No wagers , though as we're both Eagles phans!

Billie I.

I'll be enjoying making cards while the others are watching the Superbowl

Jenny B

I'll be crafting during the game and watching the commercials. After I get back from my son's Soccer Practice, anyway!

Pat Dadisman

What a great die! Thanks so much for a chance to win. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed...

Rachael Amstutz

I'll be crafting. If the packers were playing, I'd be watching. (:

Pat Dadisman

Forgot to add that I will definitely be watching the game! Go Seahawks!!


No game for me. I'll be making cards.

kadie ensley

Oh I would love to have that awesome new die cut. Myself and the rest of the 12th man will be watching the SEAHAWKS, of course!! GO HAWKS!


Both! I'll have it on in the background while crafting!! :)

Kerry Bayne

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Wow, so versatile, and so many ideas springing to mind!
Wouldn't crafting while watching the Super Bowl be the best option!? :)

Vannessa Osbourn

No game for me either. I'll be making cards like Pam above!

Sandi Pressley

I will be watching the game mostly for the commercials and crafting while I watch. This berry basket die is the BOMB! I love it! Such cute ideas also!


Hopefully crafting. Have Valentine's exchange and Lunar New Year cards to make lol

Jean Denney

Crafting all day and watching the game at night.

June G.

I'll be doing the 4 C's.....crafting, cooking and cleaning.....and CHEERING!

Miriam Prantner

I'll be doing both, watch and crafting. Love this die!


I love this die! So fun and versatile!


Crafting with friends early & eating yummy snacks while watching the game (and commercials) later on...busy, busy, BUSY!!! lol


Watching the snow fall, watch the Super Bowl and doing some crafting too! It will be a great day!!


Berry box is so cute!!! I will have an eye on the game, but hope to get some crafting time in.....bad luck if I sit and watch the whole game!!! LOL GO PATS!!!! New England pride runs deep!!!!

Bea Lincoln

I will be crafting, organizing and working on my success plan while it SNOWS all day and I don't watch football, but it it's all that's on it may just become background noise. And I LOVE that berry basket!


Love the Eggs set! Also thanks for sharing how cute the Berry Box is. Might need to get one of those as well. :

stephanie contreras

definitely watching the super bowl!!

Amy Richey

I will be crafting while my husband watches the Super Bowl. Looking up when he says did you see that.

Nita K.

I'll be watching the game...for the commercials. It's my baby boy's birthday, too, and he is all about the game.


I love this berry box die! I could have lots of fun with that.
I will be watching the super bowl but I plan to sneak some crafting time in there too.

terri bills

I have been looking for a berry basket for. I just love the idea of this. I would live to win it.


These projects are so cute!

heather sienkiewycz

I crafted and made my daughters valentines see myfacebook to see the cute pigs. Now for the Super Bowl

Michelle A

This is a football free zone! We're on a girl's trip and we just got an extra day together due to snow in New England. Another day to craft together!

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