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Marlene A.

I think my favorite has to be Christmas. There are just so many different designs/images to choose from, the color combos blow my mind!

Amy Cooley

My absolute favorite is Valentine's! Everything about it makes me happy! The giveaway set looks super cute! Thanks for the chance to win!


I love fall themed crafting.

Jenny B.

I would LOVE this set! Valentine's Day is my favorite crafting holiday!

Janice C

Christmas!! So many ideas for cards, scrapbooks, etc.

Diane Gendreau

It's a close call between Halloween and Christmas!!! But I have to say close behind those 2 is Valentines Day! I LOVE making Valentines for my kids and grandkids! It would be awesome to win this set! Thanks for the chance!

Di Fritzsch

My favorite season for stamping is spring! I can't wait till the snow and I've go away, so I start earlyw iht flowes, etc!

Julia K.

That is a nice stamp set. My favourite season is Christmas.

Susie P

It is hard to pick! But I do love Valetine crafting, lots of pink and glitter!

Michelle Woerner

Hummm, I would have to say Christmas. It's such a wonderful time of year and the time when you can send cards to loved ones and friends you don't talk to all that often.

Julie Bailey

Everyday is a holiday worth stamping for in my opinion. Valentine's Day holds a special place in my heart.

Buffi HinkerMiller

Definitely Christmas. But I do love them all!

Miriam Prantner

What a sweet tag and a great giveaway! My favorite holiday to craft for is Christmas.


I think what ever the holiday is I am working on is my favorite, so today it is Valentines Day! LOL I love this set, someone is going to be a lucky winner!!!!!

Susan Huber

I love to design for all Holidays but Christmas has to be my favorite. :)


You're right it is hard to choose, they all are my favorite! But seem i have to choose it would be valentines day, there is just so much to make and do with my favorite color pink! I'm new to your site and hoping I win this giveway, thank you for a chance to win!(:

Nita K.

Christmas is my favorite holiday to make crafts for.


This is very hard to pick just one. I have always said my two favorite are Valentines and Christmas because Valentines is full of love and Christmas is a time to give and not expect to recieve anything back.


Birthday crafting. I know it's not a holiday (some people think it is) but so much can be done. Fun stamp set for Valentine's Day.

Holly W,

Christmas is my favorite...so many elements to use. Valentines Day is nice to though.....simply stated with hearts sometimes makes things easier when trying to decide what to use!! Thanks for the give-away!!!


I am a Christmas guy! I work on cards and projects all year long!


I love Valentine's crafting and Christmas. Right now I'm focused on anything with hearts! Thank you for the chance to win! I would maybe even consider giving away the prize as the prize at my next stamp class! ;)


I do love to craft for Valentines Day the most! All the pinkness and reds and sweet treats to decorate for all those that I love!!


It's hard to choose. I like to send cards for some of the other holidays that are not celebrated as much like St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo or Chinese New Year,

Chris F

I love birthdays but as for a holiday, just one? Christmas!


Chinese New Year!

Debi Urbanek

love this!!


Definitely Halloween!


Actually, my favorite crafting holiday is Valentines Day! It's the one time of the year when I pull out all the frilly, pink and red papers and doilies and just go crazy! I'm not a girlie crafter most of the time so this is a chance to go out of my comfort zone!


Christmas is my favorite time to craft. I like to make cards, gift tags, and home decor like banners and wall art. Oh, and I always bake cookies so I love making cute gift bags for those as well.

Jennifer Nix

Saint Patrick's Day! I have a big dinner every year, and I go bonkers with the mailed invitations. There's not as much pressure as with other holidays, so I can make a more detailed card with lots of embellishments. I'm always excited to put them in the mail! :)

tara witherow

I guess Christmas is my favorite holiday to craft for, I do get to use sparkles so I like it. Thanks!


I think that Christmas is my favorite but I'm really loving Valentines day now. Thanks for the chance to win.


Christmas, Winter or whatever season it is!


I would have to say Halloween is my favorite card making holiday. I love the colors and the fun designs!

Dianna Peterson

Having a son born on Valentine's Day brings double the pleasure to crafting for that holiday......so I would pick Valentine's day in celebration of my sweetie.

Sandy in VA

I enjoy crafting Halloween theme stuff....none spooky!

Sucrea Hutchinson

I love Valentines Day! Red is my favorite color!!

Colleen Ely

I love ANY reason to stamp, but I find Halloween the most fun because of the bright, wild color scheme and how it brings out the creative "kid" in me again!

Dana W

I love halloween, because orange is my favorite color, so crafty with orange is awesome!!

Celina Herrera

Valentines Day and Halloween (couldn't pick one!)

Andrea Sonne

Valentines day! Especially crafting with little kiddos. :)

rosemary c

I think I like Christmas the most


I love all excuses to get crafty, but really love to craft for my kids school parties/birthday!

Anne Lemay

Mine is Easter! I love making tags for all of our dinner guests, and then getting them to pose for a picture at the table holding up their tags (no one worries about what they look like when you do that).

Michelle Naughton

My favorite holiday is Halloween! Ghosts, goblins, witches - all the wonderful Halloween cards that I've been able to make and send to my grandkids and friends have been so much fun!


I love Halloween, but birthdays for the young + not-so-young are always fun!


That's a toss up for me. I love to craft for Christmas, birthdays and Valentines Day. Valentines Day is special to me because it's my daughter's birthday and she has always lived pink.


My favorites are Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Love making cards for both these fantastic holidays. I am new to A•Muse Studio stamps. Thank you for the chance to win. I look forward to finding a demonstrator in my area who can help me add to my other collection of stamp sets.

Sylvia ruthven

Well, it just about has to be thanksgiving....what a wonderful holiday. A great time for making place cards for dinner, thank you gifts for all your relatives and friends and just an all around great time to begin christmas stamping too. Hope I get choosen...hugs, sylvia ruthven

Mary Sara P.

Thanks so much for the chance. Christmas probably just passes Valentine's Day as I love pink. Both wonderful crafting holidays as I love to give sweet treats to family, friends and coworkers.

Dana Klinkner

I love valentines day for making cards & have since I was a kid! Thx for the fun give-away!


My favorite stamping holiday is birthdays...so many fun things to make for each individual.

Barbara Tether

For me it's Christmas. It's all about friends and family.


My favorite would be Christmas! Soooo many variations
And color schemes to choose from!


Valentine's Day! Only time pink and glitter is appropriate for everyone! :)

Dawn Hopkins

I probably create the most for Christmas, but I enjoy creating for Valentine's more. I have three boys, and it's the only time of year I can get away with lots of pinks and reds! :)

Debbie Kruse

Birthdays! Love to make a card for the birthday girl or guy.

Michelle Argumedo

I most like to do " JUST BECAUSE" it leaves the door wide open for many different cards.

Kathy A.

I love Christmas, and winter, cards. Snowflakes are a favorite!

Melissa Flieg

My favorite holiday to craft for is Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win this set.


Halloween...it's the start of all the excitement leading up to the holidays!

Susan N

Christmas is my favorite holiday to craft for but Valentine's is coming pretty close these days. Thanks for a chance to win.


Christmas is my favorite holiday to craft. I love Christmas time. Everyone seems in a better mood & is very festive.


I love every holiday because it's a reason to let someone know how special they are to you in a unique way! There is nothing more special than making a one of a kind card for a one of a kind person!


I like Christmas crafting best. I love to give festive gifts!

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